Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Highlights

My Saturday started out as it usually does; putting in a new door or window and then aimlessly admiring it for a couple of hours.
New door + siding

And then my little suburban Saturday took a turn for the interesting when I got the happy invitation to the Priscilla of Boston fashion show in Chelsea from my good friend Michelle who was moonlighting for Brides Nior. The show was fantastic and although I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb among the fashion world bourgeois, I very much enjoyed the true "New York moment" of being front row at a fashion show.
After the bride-xtravaganza, we met up with Jose, future editor-in-chief of something important, and went on a pilgrimage for French food. 40 minutes, 20 blocks and a painful-non-inebriated fall later, we found ourselves at Tartine on W 4th and 11th where we shared lots of laughs, communal dining, delicious wine and buttery-French goodness. All in all it was a successful Saturday night. 
Outside Tartine. Well worth the 30 minute wait.
Delicious Malbec.
Mussels in white wine & steak au poivre
Jose & Michelle